Joe Rutkowski  › Nate Upton   March 3, 2014 at 12:34pm

You gonna be at the Lumberjack Saturday. I'm bringing two noobs and we were entertaining the idea of beers afterwards.

Nate Upton   March 3 at 1:32pm

I might, ill have to talk to Christina first. Is Robert Morris right in K-Zoo? I've never been there before.

Travis tullis   March 3 at 2:38pm

Not really right in kalamazoo. It is on D ave right off of sprinkle rd just north of 94. East side of kzoo/comstock.

Travis tullis   March 3 at 2:39pm

Another LL tournament.

Nate Upton   March 3 at 3:05pm

my sister in law lives right downtown in K-zoo, so the east side isn't too bad. Its closer than coldbrook, how bad are the snow drifts

Travis tullis   March 3 at 4:11pm

I haven't been out there in awhile but I know they have been working on the course this week.

Nate Upton   March 3 at 4:31pm

ill probably show up then, it can't be any worse than the tournament I played yesterday. it was brutal