KC Griffin  › Day Glo Open   February 24 at 1:22pm

Hows the depth of snow down there, do you think ribbons will be needed?

Moe Dixon   February 24 at 1:30pm

yeah bring some ribbons for sure

KC Griffin   February 24 at 1:39pm

Moe you playin am3 or am2 now?

Moe Dixon   February 24 at 1:46pm

I got a rating and im going with am 3 now, rated 885

David LaPorte   February 24 at 3:22pm

moe is my hero

Moe Dixon   February 24 at 4:00pm

hey I figured I would play my rating like everyone else, besides ive only 2 am2 rated rounds

Moe Dixon   February 24 at 4:20pm

I played last week at reed, the course has been pretty much unplayed all winter so the snow is built up pretty good I was walking in snow up to my shins at times, especially if you put a disc off the fairway

Moe Dixon   February 24 at 4:21pm

there is also less tree coverage at reed than st.charles so that allows more snow to stay on the ground

KC Griffin   February 24 at 4:38pm

u think leds on top and ribbons on the bottoms?

Moe Dixon   February 24 at 4:48pm

Im going to put everything on the bottom so the light is protected, if you have the light on top of the disc and you throw just under a branch or something the light has a chance of being torn off the disc by the branch. as for my dx and star discs I have no choice but to put a light on top and bottom.

Moe Dixon   February 24 at 4:55pm

you can do whatever you want really, I think the only important thing is to center the light as best as you can on the disc in an attempt to try to keep the disc well balanced.