Chris Whittle  › Team Catfish presents Alabama Mountain Games Disc Golf Tournament 2014   February 19 at 12:46am

Anyone know of a link where we can see an up to date waiting list?

chris reece   February 19 at 1:02am

no I just wanted to say no because it doesn't matter I think its funny

chris reece   February 19 at 1:03am

its not funny but it is

Chris Whittle   February 19 at 10:16am

it matters when you're 5 hrs away and trying to reserve overnight rooms, plan other events, and take time off work ud83dude09

P.J. Aguirre   February 19 at 10:24am

Chris , email me at [email redacted] with your phone number and what division. Thanks PJ

P.J. Aguirre   February 19 at 10:25am

An updated wait list will be posted on our TeamCatfish Facebook page. Follow it for the latest info.