2013-2014 Buxton Woods Bag Tag   January 15 at 12:47pm

A shot at #1 Tag this Sunday!!!

It looks like the #1 Bag Tag holder will be defending his tag this Sunday!! The Ace Pot has reached its cap of $100 and is still up for grabs. The weather is predicted to be very nice so I hope to see a few more of the single digit bag tags show up. CTP's, the 19th Hole and great weather!! See you on Sunday!!

Casey Kimball   January 15 at 10:57pm

Sounds great! Come out and join up if you can, this bag tag league is really a great time>

Casey Kimball   January 15 at 10:58pm

And come on, that ace pot is getting huge! Yes!!

Vince Epker   January 16 at 2:18am

oh yeah!

Vince Epker   January 16 at 2:19am


Thomas "T" D.   January 16 at 10:01am

10:00 sign up and a 10:30 tee time, Vince.

Vince Epker   January 16 at 3:42pm

ok. sounds fun

Casey Kimball   January 17 at 6:42pm

Dang now I have tag #84....that did not last long! Sorry guys I hoped to represent #1 sunday but had to s**t the bed out at timber park today instead...