DGLA: Oregon Cooperative Point Series - Winter 2014   January 13, 2014 at 7:06pm

DGLA OrCPS-W: Jan 15th deadline

Just a quick reminder that for the DGLA Oregon Cooperative Point Series the last day to add any leagues is Jan 15th.

Soon we will post the OrCPS-Summer 2014 so as League admin begin to create Summer leagues they can add their league to the Summer Point Series - Summer means more players, more leagues and things really heat up....

Oh and don't forget the Oregon <-O-> Michigan Disc Swap: If you have a Oregon state club/league or event disc and would like to trade it for a Michigan state disc for CTPs or other uses to see the message posted in the News section below or talk with:

(Oregon) ROGUE RIDER (Lee)

Enjoy the winter league rounds - Peace.