ROGUE RIDER  › Nate Upton   January 5 at 9:18am

rip it up today buddy! "think positive shoot negative!" ;~>

Nate Upton   January 5 at 10:08am

I ripped up a bottle of rum last night, nursing an epic hangover today

jon blocksma   January 5 at 6:10pm

hahahahahaha we gotta shoot soon.

Nate Upton   January 5 at 6:46pm

Yeah we haven't seen you guys in a while.

Tialor Byrne   January 7 at 11:03pm

let's do it nate this sunday

Nate Upton   January 8 at 7:05am

ill see if I can, we had a fire at my place, I have a ton of clean up to do.

ROGUE RIDER   January 8 at 1:40pm

bro i hope you and your fam are ok, the pics ya sent me looks like a rager... and in a foot of snow. what causes a fire when its what negative 40 out?

Nate Upton   January 8 at 1:45pm

it looks like our chest freezer started the fire. we are all ok, just lost a ton of stuff, including a bunch of disc gear.