Kevin Zane  › 2013 Cat Clash presented by KSUDGC   October 27 at 10:27am

This is the same day as the KCFDC championships... I won't be able to make it, but if anyone will be around the KC area before then I can send you home with a few discs to put up for CTP (or auction or whatever you'd like).

Travis Bailey   October 28 at 11:23am

Thanks for your interest! We are currently looking at a way to get over to KC this weekend perhaps. Would you be available?

Kevin Zane   November 1 at 4:10pm

Didn't see the post, but I work Saturday at 3pm and am off work Sunday. I could make myself available any time other than after 3 on Saturday

Travis Bailey   November 2 at 1:39pm

Kevin, we really appreciate the offer, but as of right now I don't think we'll be available to meet this weekend. Sorry!