William Gilbert  › CLUB NINJA   October 18 at 12:28am

Is anybody coming to winter warmer series #2 this sunday at rolling??? just i and brad signed up.

Andy Galicki   October 18 at 12:38am

If you want to fly me home I'll play :P

Jacob Belmas   October 18 at 12:48am

I'm in Philadelphia this week bro...sorry

Casey Maloney   October 18 at 6:53am

A bunch of us signed up.

brad chartier   October 18 at 7:29am

It seems to be posted twice. One has 3 and the other has 7 players

Sam P   October 18 at 8:46am

I should be un-reg'd from this event. Down to 6.

Bo Fought   October 18 at 9:26am

Make that 5, bummed I can't make it as I love Rolling Hills. :( Have fun Ninjas!!

Casey Maloney   October 18 at 10:58am

Corner Brewery!!!