Jordan Thies  › Alaska Disc Golf Season Finale Singles   October 8 at 1:48pm

59762 int

Shawn Graham   October 8 at 2:40pm

oh come on! ADV. I have a little warpaint I can spare for you. Jump up, you got a strong throw!

Lou Dogg   October 8 at 4:43pm

Whoa! He's getting there. Give the man some time. Like... until next year.

Lou Dogg   October 8 at 4:51pm

Although, there are only two signed up so far. He just might get stuck playing with us... or the Open players :-)

Shawn Graham   October 8 at 5:51pm

Are you his big sister??? LOL! He's a big boy, Let him get muddy and dirty with the big boys! Ha!

Jordan Thies   October 8 at 8:05pm

COME to int and i will show you how it is done.

Shawn Graham   October 8 at 8:43pm

Nah, I'm going to try and earn to win stuff, not getting it because there is like 4 in your group...(OUCH!) lol