Steve Jones  › Discraft Ace Race: Last Chance for the Ages - Canyonview Camp   October 7 at 1:17am

i will be headin out to look for a few discs ,so if you need any help running the event let me know

Rick Saffeels   October 7 at 1:22am

Sweet! And What we talked about last Monday can do it :) I think it would be great and I want you to participate

Rick Saffeels   October 7 at 12:16pm

PS I went into the brush with a machete and went into the pond but only found one disc and that was a Dan from Albany that I called.

Steve Jones   October 7 at 12:22pm

thanks for looking maybe I'll see you tonight at Cascade,5:00 PM

Rick Saffeels   October 7 at 12:23pm