M.V.D.S.A Tuesday Handicap League   October 5, 2013 at 1:36pm

Course for 2nd week in October and some news

Info for week 5. Party week and possible playoff week. If no one aces the last three weeks that money will go to pizza and beverage for the party. We will have 5 $1.00 games to play. So bring $5.00 if you want to play games. Also we will have a ace shot. That will cost $1.00 to enter. Then it will cost .10 a shot to claim the prize. I have a donated prize for the last ace shot that will end the series for the year. other donations will be gladly accepted. So really you need $6.00 and some dimes. Of course we will give out trophies and cash.

Course for week 2 of the playoffs.

Hole 1: Hole 1.

Hole 2: Tee off pad behind rest rooms by storage units to basket 12. Ball field infield area OB. Play area OB. Mando right of tree by fire place. Drop zone tee board 24. On or over path right(by fence) OB. In and over creek OB. Par 4.

Hole 3: Hole 2 to basket 3. Must land over creek on drive. Re-tee till you do.

Hole 4: Tee pad 4 to basket 8. Creek and beyond OB. Crossing paths and between OB. Drop zone for landing between crossing paths tee pad 3.

Hole 5: Tee pad 9 to basket 5. Must land within path, road and fence on drive only. Re-tee

Hole 6: Hole 6.

Hole 7: Hole 7.

Hole 8: Tee off path down from covered area to basket 8. In and over creek OB.

Hole 9: Tee pad 9 to basket 10. Mando left of marked tree by tee pad 11. Drop zone tee pad 10. Par 4.

Hole 10: Hole 11.

Hole 11: Hole 12. Must land between path lines on drive only. Re-tee

Hole 12; Tee pad 2 to basket 4. On or over road OB.