Rick Saffeels  › Jonathan Long   October 2 at 9:04pm

Yeah!!! First time at Corban and I got to see your Ace!!! Woohoo!!

Dallas Trower   October 3 at 9:56am

blind ace on 9? over all the cars in the parkinglot. that had to be crazy. nice shot jon.

Rick Saffeels   October 3 at 10:55am

Yeah! All we saw was up in the trees and then...."little metal ching" crazy

ROGUE RIDER   October 3 at 11:10am

hole( no ****? thats sick!!! nice, wish i woulda got a call for that round!

Rick Saffeels   October 3 at 11:37am

You did! You said you were with your son and Thomas the tank engine I thought

ROGUE RIDER   October 3 at 11:40am

that was a reply to an allday trip to milo, corban is 5min away but its cool man!

Rick Saffeels   October 3 at 11:42am

Ahhh! Bummer! My bad I even thought of texting you, and then deleted the message because I knew you were at home with the boy. Hopefully see you Friday or Sunday though :)