Ed Stack  › Merrill Park West   September 9 at 6:38pm

Lost left a yellow sidewinder champ not sure where would really like it back!! Thanks in advance!!!

Brian Crouch   September 9 at 6:39pm

the hole number would help haha

Ed Stack   September 9 at 7:28pm

Yea yea yea i walked away from it and can't remember what hole it was. It was only my second rd there

Ed Stack   September 9 at 7:29pm

My name and number is on it!!!

Brian Crouch   September 9 at 10:21pm

Cool ill keep an eye out

mike walker   September 10 at 6:58am

nice job ed.

Bryan Centers   September 10 at 11:27am

Is it on that one with a fairway? does it have a basket at the end? If so I think I know which one it is