Slick Willie  › Waterloo Ace Race   August 27 at 10:49pm

Well it looks like we will get to use the 2 high impact pint glases on some Calipooia brewery Beer!

ROGUE RIDER   August 27 at 11:21pm

can you get a light beer this time?...trying to keep my girlish figure... o F it ill drink any and all CALAPOOIA beer YUM

Slick Willie   August 27 at 11:26pm

Did you just really ask if the Calapooia made light beer, REALLY!!!!!

ROGUE RIDER   August 27 at 11:29pm

did you realy just miss spell it??? REALY!!!! get a load of this guy Boje

Slick Willie   August 27 at 11:42pm

do not try to hide behind my miss spelled words by your worst quote ever!!!! Light Beer. Just damm!!!!

ROGUE RIDER   August 27 at 11:47pm

haha do i look like i drink light beer? right now its bluemoon with an orange!

Matt Hurt   August 27 at 11:58pm

This ace race is going to be awesome can't wait!!!