Thomas "T" D.  › L.L. Stewart Stubb   August 26 at 8:26pm

Anybody interested in a round of $5 Dubs At Stubb?? 10:00 a.m. Sunday. Meet at Upper Parking area. If there is enough people we will try to pay 1st and 2nd if not more.

Chris "Doc"   August 26 at 10:55pm

I think I am bro, if I can catch a ride.

ROGUE RIDER   August 27 at 12:39am

i wanna do this so bad!!!! but think ill be at waterloo

Thomas "T" D.   August 27 at 9:26am

Dont be afraid, Its Stewart Stubb and $5 Dubs. Come get some Lee!! We all know what happened to Napolean at Waterloo....

Heather Reineccius   August 27 at 12:03pm

Im interested for sure possibly another person coming with me as well

ROGUE RIDER   August 27 at 3:48pm

i so love LL Stewart Stubb course, its the showcase of a prime Oregon course at its best, but the acerace at waterloo is the same day and i pre-reg for that long ago.

ROGUE RIDER   August 27 at 3:49pm

and i know your power of suggestion. last time you posted up to play hagge lake we had almost 20 people show...sure lote will come to enjoy another great course and your great company.

Thomas "T" D.   August 27 at 4:01pm

Totally understandable, Lee. I'm hoping enough Peeps are willing to show to make it competitive. Best of luck at Waterloo!! The Ace Race discs are pretty nice. Players Pak is sick, too!!

Thomas "T" D.   August 27 at 4:04pm

Miss Heather, you and company are most welcome to join us. Doc, we'll figure some way to get you out there.

Heather Reineccius   August 27 at 4:55pm

Ok still new at disc language lol .... So what does "dubs" stand for

Thomas "T" D.   August 27 at 5:29pm

We are playing Random Flip Doubles, Miss Heather. Everybody flips disc's for thier partner. $5 per player. When we played Hagg Lake the winners split $80 if I remember right.