steve nolff  › 24 Chains   August 9 at 11:19am

Hey Pirates.

I was wondering if I can stop by and check out your league. I had the chance to meet and play with a couple of you at the Ace Race. Never really played a league thing, not sure it is my thing. I was hoping to head out to Cass and throw in the plundering herd. Cool?

John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan   August 9 at 11:33am

hole 12 will be the meet up. they welcome any and everyone. be open minded. u will get worked!

steve nolff   August 9 at 11:48am

Great. Thanks for the reply and heads up. I got me some pretty thick skin, I can take it. Hole 12, 6:00.

Hunter S. Dotson   August 9 at 11:54am

all are welcome. all are punished. all that are lost on the seas find their way to us. welcome to the krew

John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan   August 9 at 12:44pm

tee at 6. try 530

Hunter S. Dotson   August 9 at 12:57pm

Correct.. Meet and greet 5:30. Tee off 6 SHARP

Bo Fought   August 9 at 1:03pm

Hell yeah Steve, have a good time with this rowdy bunch of scallywags!