CCR Wednesday Singles 2013 (weeks 11-20)   August 8 at 3:01pm

Discs and Berths

I will have Club discs next week at Burchfield as well as Berths.

We will be playing Rivers Edge... tee as early as 5.

Chris Booker   August 8 at 4:57pm

Births you say? Ill take.. :)

Matt Rinker   August 8 at 9:12pm

you gotta earn one... so we will see. Winners of each division for the 1st 10 week win one, if winner has one, it trickles down. the other 3 will go to those who dont have one that are currently leading their divisions.

Chris Booker   August 8 at 9:29pm

awesome. Hope i can earn one. Or its LCQ for me. Allready have the hotel locked in. Are you giving them out this week or at the end of the 10 weeks?

Matt Rinker   August 8 at 9:32pm

this week

Chris Booker   August 8 at 9:34pm

great! Also, what are the Club discs going for and what mold?

Harold Fernando   August 10 at 11:12am

When are shirts coming?

Matt Rinker   August 10 at 11:25am

this week or next.