Scott Zwicky  › Rebel Disc Golf Club   July 28 at 8:34pm

What's up Rebels? Who's in for Tendick park tournament Sat. August 3?

Bee Yang   July 28 at 9:14pm

I am co-hosting one that weekend so won't make it.

Erik L   July 28 at 9:46pm

I'm in, Brent is too

Scott Zwicky   July 29 at 9:18pm

okay Bee good luck for your event. are you playing it also?

Scott Zwicky   July 29 at 9:18pm

sweet if Jerry plays will have 4 Rebels!

Bee Yang   July 30 at 11:54am

Yes Scott, I am also playing in it. Good luck in you event Rebels!

Bee Yang   July 30 at 1:17pm

Would you guys come to my event if I had space?

Bee Yang   July 30 at 1:18pm

It would be 2 rounds at Tokken Creek. I'll need to ask the host, but just wanted to see if you guys are interested in playing. It would be $20 per person with food included.

Bee Yang   July 30 at 3:33pm

Nevermind, saw that you guys all registered for the tourney already. Good luck!

Scott Zwicky   July 30 at 10:55pm

Hmm, unsactioned event with cash payout? Should have let us know sooner. Oh well maybe next time.

Bee Yang   July 31 at 9:58am

No it is not cash. Just trophies and funny money.