Sean McPeak  › Reach for the moon   June 27, 2013 at 8:58pm

Sign me up for rec mofos lol. So is this course nice? Pics look good but ya never know

Mike Siuda   June 28, 2013 at 7:02am

I read the course reviews on here and some good players I know had some good things to say. I have never played here so I personally do not know. This will be my first look at the course, so I hope it is.

Steve Hatter   June 28, 2013 at 8:51am

Its a great course, lots of elevation starting at 5 and carrying through 15. Punishing on stray shots, lots of trees.. Challenging for sure

Matt Blocksma   June 28, 2013 at 10:49am

You are in for a treat for sure.

Mike Siuda   June 28, 2013 at 12:21pm

That's what I like to hear

Wade TF   June 28, 2013 at 4:26pm

The course will be in full bloom. Be prepared for some tight lines and great views on some of the best disc golf land in the state.

Mike Siuda   June 28, 2013 at 4:39pm

Funny I've been playing disc golf since 1992 of which 16 years have been in Michigan, and this is the first time I've heard of this course. I am excited to take on the challenge the course has to offer.

Aaron Bezeau   June 29, 2013 at 9:40pm

5 & 16 are beasts, be sure to land on the fairway on 13, and make sure you throw to correct basket on 18. Great course!