Damen W  › Disc Fanatics of Kansas   June 2 at 10:30pm

is anyone else having a problem with the kdga website lately??

Rick Petrie   June 2 at 10:38pm

Yep. I started to notice issues Friday night. At that point Chrome could not open it, but my Android phone & EI could open it.

Rick Petrie   June 2 at 10:40pm

In addition, I at sign-in today, I heard Tom Thompson asking Smitty why it's been down. Smitty was unaware of it, but it's not like he's had much reason to look at it lately.

Daisuke Takahashi   June 2 at 10:42pm

Looks like top page is down, but I can still visit forum page.

Mark Kewley   June 2 at 10:44pm

It's working for me now. Sometimes it doesn't load right though.