12:00 Saturday Dubbs at Willow   February 16, 2013 at 6:35pm

Nice Ace Mark

Congrats to Mark Manard for getting the first ever ace at 12:00 Saturday Dubs at Willow.Aced #16 which is a very tough hole for $134.00.CTP winners were Gabe/Marty hole #3 for $14.00,Gary Whitehouse hole #24 for $14.00 and Dave Lassen hole #19 for $14.00.

Rich Mcpherson   February 16, 2013 at 6:40pm

Who is mark Manard I don't remember that guy

Jimmy Bates   February 17, 2013 at 1:09am

Yeah, he's that guy that shows up blasting Prince in a buick, right? I thought he was dead.

Nate Wheeling   February 17, 2013 at 9:39am

Sounds familiar Jimmy. Isn't he the guy that looks a bit like Jesus, and claims his Roc's are better than yours? Jesus look alikes don't die, they get resurrected.

Jesse Whitlock   February 17, 2013 at 12:15pm

actually he pulled in singing Stevie Nicks and sipping wine from a it was an awesome skip ace Firebird on 16!