Ben Jackson  › Belle Isle DGC   December 29, 2012 at 12:15am

Stay tuned for pics. I have every long pad pic and most of the short pads, just have to upload them (probably tomorrow).

The course is on the old ball golf course. Parking lot is located at 42.344053,-82.976851, 2334 Oakway, Detroit, MI. 42.345527,-82.975745 is approximately where long teepad 1 is. The gate entrance may be locked during the week right now but we will be regularly going out there Sundays at noon for a league starting January 6th (yes, we'll be there this sunday same time but probably doing more maintenance during the round)

Slightly new layout from the tournament course. About 4 holes have been completely taken out to make way for 2 new holes in the old layout. Island hole is taken out, and there are 2 completely new holes to finish the 18 layout. Shorts are not only significantly shorter, but they provide a completely different layout. Water only comes in play for 5 holes on the course (significantly on 3, explained here). Hole 3(par3) throws about 280ft over a river inlet 50ft wide. Hole 11(par2) is a short hole less than 200 ft where it's beneficial to throw over the river and hyzer (RHBH). The anhyzer route has a fence in the way(not visible from the teepad). Hole 14 is about 330ft mostly over the water shot. (probably 280ft to the beach and 240 to the left opening). Short pad and drop zone is on the other(west) side of the bridge.

Right now every long teepad is marked with 2 short flags and 1 5ft tall flag pole (most have flags on them). Shorts are marked with a set of 2 small flags (small flags are orange and pink and about 1ft off the ground. At least 1 flag at each location has the hole number on it and the shorts are marked with an 's' on the flag. Each pole has a black tape line on it 2.5 ft off the ground (intended to hit above the line to hole-out) and the hole number written on top facing the teepad (may need binoculars lol).

Next intention is to change the tape to an engraved and painted line as well as shorten the poles to make it a clear target zone. Any suggestions on target zone height? I'm thinking 24inches. Also we're working on getting the distances and a clear layout map. Call or email Andrew at Up In The Air 248-673-8846, [email redacted], (during regular business hours W-F 11a-6p Sa-Su 12p-5p) or call/text me 248-459-0681 for more details, questions, or suggestions

fyi you want serious snow boots right now but if it ever warms up there are a few wet spots on the course especially holes 4[pin], 5[long pad], 11, and 12. Waterproof shoes or hiking boots/shoes would be a good idea.

Also I'd like to clarify the wind is normally less than 10mph here. Every time i've been there, except on tournament days where it was 20mph+, it's been under 5mph.