Mt Pleasant Disc Golf   September 8, 2012 at 8:00am

Update on Course Expansion

Nacho and I met with Sue Ann and Mike on 9/5 at “The Shop” at Deerfield Park There were only a couple of concerns that they had about the 18-hole expansion to the Disc Golf Course:

1. Proximity to homes – The original layout map made it seem that the course crossed a neighbor’s property line, but once we showed them the new layout, it was clear that we had made sure to not impose on any other properties.

2. Interpretive Path – Originally, we did have a couple of new holes that threw across the Interpretive Path but had since adjusted these holes, so that concern was taken care of.

Mike had heard from Bandit and there is a chance that they will bring a “forestry mower” to Deerfield to demo it while helping us to clear some fairways, especially behind Fussman where all the Russian Olive lives.

In the meantime, Nacho and I will be more clearly defining fairways, tee and basket placements so if/when the equipment arrives, they can “go to town”. You will be seeing lots of orange flags out there, so please don’t mess with them.

When it’s time for hands-on clearing, you will be hearing from us!”