Southern Maryland Disc Golf Club   July 9, 2012 at 10:16am

Bag Tag Match reminders.

Jerry's on vacation -
I'll be on vacation until July 26th, but i'll have my computer with me. So please keep sending the tag match results via private message, email, or text message (My cell number is listed on my profile page under my photo if we are friended).

Handicapping tag matches -
Less skilled players should not be shy about challenging or being challeged by better players, no matter how much you feel out-matched! Try negotiating for a handicap by asking for extra strokes and/or mulligans. Although it is up to the Challenged player to accept or deny any handicap, the higher skilled challenged player will most likely welcome the added challenge to defending their tag.

Here's how stroke handicaps work: Let's say you and the challenged player agree to give you a handicap of (5) strokes. You finish hole 1 with a 4 and the challenger finishes with a 3, but now you can decide to use (1) of your (5) strokes to tie the hole -or- use (2) strokes to win the hole. This must be decided before teeing off the next hole. When you run out of strokes you must continue playing straight up. This is a great way to handicap if you want to keep the speed of play fast, and stroke handicap is probably the best way to even out a match between a less skilled player and a higher skilled player.

Mulligans work similarly but you have to re-throw your mulligan when declared which must be declaired before the next throw. When playing a mulligan, the previous throw becomes null and void. The rethrow must be played. Handicapping with mulligans is better when you are more closely matched in skill to your challenger when only a few mulligans will even up the match because their is more risk when rethrowing.

Lastly, challenges do not need to be honored immediately. The challenged player can give the challenger at least two (2) times to meet in the next two (2) weeks or they must forfeit the tag. If the challenger cannot meet that timeline, the challenge is void. Not showing up for a match results in a forfeit (20 minute leeway). Also the challenged player picks the course, the tees, and the number of holes. The course does not need to be Hot Shots!