UCF Disc Knights   November 10, 2010 at 2:20pm

Changes at UCF Disc Knights

As many of you know I've acted as the club's president this past year and done what I could to see this club progress, in that time we've build up new members, gotten more people into the sport, improved the course, and throw on a regular basis as a group.

I, however; regrettably will have to step down as the club president. Per UCF policy club officers must be students of UCF which coming end of the semester my time with UCF on an official level is over. With this in mind I've given Jake and Denny the ability to run the Facebook page, and Jake the ability to run our Disc Golf Scene page.

I plan to remain involved in the club on an actively level and still promote it as well as throw with the group as possible, however; with my new job I won't know my schedule for a while so I can't make promises on the weekly throws.

Best of wishes to all my fellow Disc Knights, and best of luck with the club on the official end of things.

As an additional note with the changes in hours until the spring we might need to shift the time of our weekly throw. At this point sunset comes at 5:30pm which is when we are scheduled to start. We might consider making the weekly throw occur during the weekend until spring. It's something we should discuss when possible.