Tampa Disc Slingers   September 9, 2010 at 11:24am

2010 "The Beta Season"

In most sports a season comes to an end and everyone prepares for a fresh, new season with records and scores back to ground zero. Suggestions were made to change a multitude of things to include:

- Scoring

- Ranking System

- "Season" Ideology

A push has been made to satisfy these requirements in a fair and interesting manner. It has been decided that the scoring and ranking system will be reset to zero at the end of the year. In order to do that, this year has been designated as Season 0 or the Beta year. The season will conclude in November. Here is a general breakdown of the remaining season:

- TDS Tournament 2 @ USF

- TDS Tournament 3 @ Limona

- TDS Season 0 Championship @ Lutz Executive

- At the end of season, the top 4 ranked members advance to the championship round

- Make-up rounds are still in effect and is considered the key to move up in rank

- A champion is crowned and defends his title going into the real season... Season 1

Season 1 begins next year and will be sure to provide fun and excitement. Who will emerge the champion of Season 0 and bear the burden of defending the crown?