Tampa Disc Slingers   August 26, 2010 at 9:00pm

Stage Set For TDS Tournament 1

The start of the new Tampa Disc Slingers tournament series is right around the corner. With half of the club confirmed and other with the possibilty of playing, this will be the largest tournament hosted by the club so far. The playing field seems to be level and many are hungry for a victory. The club’s top 5 will be present for battle. Here is the breakdown of the field:

#1 Vinny Piperato - The current champion. Everyone will be after him this weekend. With the tournament being held at USF Riverfront, he recently added a distance driver to his arsenal in an attempt to provide an answer to the anhyzer throws. With the lack of knowledge about the new disc and the fact that he hasn't played at USF in 7 weeks might prove too much for Vinny to overcome.

#2 Joe Mangrum - The winner of Weekly Informal 7 which was held at USF Riverfront. He has the course's second best score at +7. He also has the most experience of USF with more rounds played than any other member. This course is no stranger to Joe. No adjustments have been made to his form, throw, or disc arsenal, so his performance should be solid.

#3 Will Parson - The winner of Weekly Informal 3 which was also held at USF Riverfront. His last performance at this course was 7 weeks ago when he finished 2nd at Weekly Informal 7. It's evident that he brings a solid game to this course and will look for another score worthy enough of gold.

#4 Chris Sikes - He has multiple top 3 finishes when it comes to tournaments at USF. One thing to look for will be his side-arm throw that he is attempting to perfect. It will be able to provide answers to anhyzer and long distance throws. With no tournament wins under his belt, Chris will be hungry for his first title.

#5 Brandon Smith – One of the newer club members. In his debut, he pulled in front of many veterans and finished second at Weekly Informal 8. He also has one of the best disc arsenals, which makes him an individual to be mindful of when he is on the course. USF is a relatively new course for Brandon, so it will be interesting to see if he can settle in a make a run for the trophy.

#8 Chris Meyer - This will be his first tournament appearance and only the second time ever playing. He brings raw talent to the playing field and will be the sleeper pick to watch. Chris birdied on the 4th hole that he had ever played on with generic DX plastic discs. There is also a rumor that he will be purchasing an arsenal of discs and will have them for tournament day, making him an even deadlier force.

#14 Dan Harvey – The newest member of the Tampa Disc Slingers. He has played the sport twice, but plans on showing up on tournament day and leaving his mark on the competition. He has made positive strides in his throwing technique and strength. Not much is known about his disc arsenal and what he plans on bringing to the table, so keep an eye out for this guy.