UCF Disc Knights   July 30, 2010 at 10:02am

Meet with UCF Landscape & Natural Resources Results

We met with UCF's Landscape & Natural Resources Land Manager, Alaina. Here's a quick review:

-We will try and help maintain the course

-We will hold 1 - 2 "learn Disc golf" events a semester

-One or Two "practice" baskets are being added

-Maps will have postings for trash can locations

-Potentially "Next Tee" signs will be added

-Eventually Tees might be pulled up and leveled before replacing them.

-Hole 8 will likely have it's basket (maybe tee) shifted several feet to help reduce Evil bush play.

-Practice/alternative holes maybe added to the course. These holes would either act as alternate holes IE 8a/8b or just a hole that is there for fun.

-The area around basket 3 will likely have a few feet cleared in all directions.

-Controlled burns will increase lane width over time.

-1 and 2's "wall of vegetation" will continue to grow to reduce lost discs