Tuesdays at Wortman   September 6, 2012 at 11:53pm

Course for September 11th

Light will start becoming a real factor. This one will be a little shorter. should have no problem with light. Got close last week. Hope to run 18's till the end of the month. May not happen though.15- 12-9 hole courses are on the way.

Hole 1: Tee off road up from teepad 1 to basket 2. In or over creekbed OB. Drop zone teepad 5.

Hole 2: Hole 3.

Hole 3: Teepad 4 to portable basket by bench and big tree. Mando right of marked tree. Drop zone teepad 11. Ouch! On or over path deep OB.

Hole 4: Tee off path on way to teepad 4 to basket 4.

Hole 5: Hole 9.

Hole 6: Alternate teeboard 10 to basket 8. In or over creekbed OB. Drop zone teepad 9. Ouch!

Hole 7: Tee off road near tee in path to basket 5. Must land within path/road line on drive. One stroke penalty. Play it where it lies.

Hole 8: Tee off path in front of teepad 6 to basket 6.

Hole 9: Tee off sidewalk by road to portable basket by table. On or over path OB.

Hole 10: Tee off path near restrooms to portable basket by table/fireplace.

Hole 11: Tee off path near road to portable basket across entry way.

Hole 12: Tee off path up from fireplace to portable basket by flagpole. Must land over path on drive. One stroke penalty. Play it where it lies.

Hole 13: Tee off dirt/grass at corner of covered area to basket 9.

Hole 14: Teepad 11 to basket 10. Non member CTP(Giving away a club membership)

Hole 15: Tee off center of parking lot to basket 11. Member's CTP

Hole 16: Hole 12.

Hole 17: Tee off path by basket 12 to basket 1.

Hole 18: Tee off backstop blacktop to basket 3. Mando left of tree with yellow arrow. Drop zone Teepad 1. Ouch! On or over path/road OB. Drop zone teepad 1.

There's a quick little easy par 55. Good luck!