Ypsi Dubs 2012 Summer League - The Original - Tuesdays   August 1, 2012 at 1:04pm

Ypsi Dubs Tuesday Final standings and awards

Well "Ypsi Dubs 2012 Summer League - The Original - Tuesdays" has wrapped up so that we can award our MDGO Mi State Disc Golf Championship berths with enough time for people to register and make plans. I already know that Ypsi Dubs will have many players in attendance at the event and it's great to see everyone up there and having fun with the events, competition, stuffed sharks and all those little adventures and crazy antics that occur when players come together to compete and celebrate. Ludington is the gathering place and it is always an amazing time. Thanks to all the hard working folks at MDGO for working throughout the year to make this event a premier disc golf event not only for Michigan but one of the best nationally - we are truly blessed to be able to play Michigan Disc Golf.

Well 17 weeks of the Original Tuesdays. Tuesdays will continue until we run out of light and the park close to early. We will begin to lose about 10 minutes a week so watch the schedule of the Fall Folly Tuesdays to ensure you don't miss registration.

On that note I have to thanks Matt Schooley for taking on Tuesdays leagues in a big way. It's always been a group effort but Matt took over the real work and keep Tuesdays running smoothly with humor and no "BS". Chris Gee on the payouts and data entry which helped with the load at leagues and in the background that most don't see trying to make heads or tails of all the details and getting everything in each week. Thanks Chris. It's great to be able to work with these guys and know that league will happen each week, in a consistent manner, no matter which one of us has "Life Happen" and the biggy is the feeling - Yes as I talk with players about what make a good league or why do they decide to play Ypsi Dubs, one big part is always "Family" - the feeling of belonging to a big happy, crazy, dysfunctional family. And that is something I attribute to all our regular family members. Always welcoming, helpful, quick to joke and tease each-other, and everyone knows your name - except during registration - what is up with that? There are always a few who are willing to help out such as Mike Raley, Bob Smart, Sheldon Bowen, Josh Hertler, Oid, Bob Derkacz and several others who are willing to lend a hand during registration - Thanks. Mike Raley even helped explore using his iPad to do registration which has big potential.

Ok let's look at the season: 17 rounds, 126 unique players

What does it take to be in the top overall? About 26 to 35 points on average each week and you probably need to play and average of 14.3333 weeks - well that is looking at the top three players.

14 rounds recorded
490 total points (1st overall)

17 rounds recorded
441 total points (2nd overall)

12 rounds recorded
397 total points (3rd overall)

Yes that would be:
1 Mike Raley 490
2 Jason Jopps 441
3 Mark Manard 397

Great season guys, way to set the bar and keep the pressure on all season. Since Mike had already secured his berth to States we are excited to be able to award Jason Jopps his Mi State Championship Berth. The Ypsi Dubs perpetual plague in the lodge will be updated soon to immortalize your achievements - Great season

For the ladies - besides putting up with all the testosterone antics, BS and BO, it appears to me that you have to have a big heart, be caring yet can dish it out and have a great love for Disc Golf and hanging out with crazy "Family" members - just my observation of the great women who come out and play week after week and add so much to our Family:

16 rounds recorded (only missed one round all season)
186 total points (21st overall)

Alyse Avery - takes the top women's spot for Ypsi Dubs Tuesday and we are extremely happy that Alyse will be able to put her State Championship berth to good use this year and defend her fantastic achievements at her first state championship last year.

Well we hope to see everyone out while the sun allows us to play on Tuesdays. We also plan on starting a Handicapped singles leagues soon. Disc Golf Scene is implementing some enhancements to help with handicapped leagues. Watch for posts on this soon. Remember that even when Tuesdays end you can keep in touch with "Family" and save your soul at ~={CHURCH}=~ on Sunday mornings all year long.

Overall standings - top 21
Player Points
1 Mike Raley 490
2 Jason Jopps 441
3 Mark Manard 397
4 Andy Steiner 392
5 Sam Smith 370
6 Matt Schooley 350
7 Danny Fifer 302
8 Rob Smith 298
9 Jacob Quiton 264
10 Greg Lane 260
11 Oid . 244
12 Jamie Mosier 242
13 Foz Miller 240
14 Ron Howard 235
15 Chilly Chillson 234
16 Grant Anderson 222
17 Jimmy Bates 220
18 Derek Trinkle 216
19 Bobby Mcaleer 212
20 Brett Russell 199
21 Alyse Avery 186