Tuesdays at Wortman   July 14, 2012 at 7:09pm

Course for July 17th

Hole 1: Teepad 1 to basket 4. Mando right of normal tree. In or over creek deep OB.

Hole 2: Teepad 3 to basket 8. In or over creek OB.

Hole 3: Teeboard 17 to basket 7. In or over creek OB.

Hole 4: Tee off dirt/grass past table by creek to basket 5.

Hole 5: Hole 6.

Hole 6: Tee off sidewalk by road to portable basket by table. On or over path OB.

Hole 7: Tee off path in front of restrooms to portable basket past table. Mando right of big tree by table.

Hole 8: Teepad 8 to basket 9. Mando right of normal tree.

Hole 9: Hole 10.

Hole 10: Tee off parking lot behind building to basket 11. CTP Basket.

Hole 11: Teepad 11 to portable basket in circle of tree by teepad 4.

Hole 12: Hole 12.

Hole 13: Tee off path near basket 12 to basket 1.

Hole 14: Tee off path towards play area to basket 2. Mando left of tree with yellow arrow.

Hole 15: Teepad 3 to basket 9.

Hole 16: Tee off path near bench to portable basket near end of woods.

Hole 17: Tee off dirt inside paths near restrooms to basket 10. On or over path right OB.

Hole 18: Tee off path near teepad 11 to basket 2. On or over path left OB.

Caution is always important in playing Tuesday courses. We are the ones going in the wrong directions. Thankfully we have alot of parks and nice people in the city. If we could just get the ####ers to pick up their dog sh#t everything would be great.