24 Cha!ns Summer 2012   July 11, 2012 at 5:37pm


HERE YE HERE YE!!!!! The battles have raged from sea shore to sea shore in the first year of the jolly old 24 Cha!ns Bag Tag Challenge. Many have fought, and many have fallen. Some have fought the unending waves of challengers to destinquish themselves as the mightiest of Pirate Clan. There actions have set them apart, but not granted them any safety. For there lay one last challenge in their path.

Sunday August 5th 2012 Bandomeer Park Ann Arbor, MI at 10 AM they shall face their final challengers. The first season of 24 Cha!ns Bag Tag comes to a close in a last dash for the #1 tag. One, and all are welcome to come out and join us for a three round challenge to see who has the guts to represent 24 Cha!ns at STATES this year. Even if you didn't participate in the Bag Tag you are welcome to come out and join us for some fun rabble rousing, and of course shinanagins as so well done by 24 Cha!ns.

A few point that should be noted. As this is the last chance to challenge for #1 all tags are encoraged to come challenge, but the top 20 TAGS will be required for the day. If you hold one of the TOP 20, and wish to play in the next round you will need to show up, or put up your tag for the day. If your tag is not submitted for play on the 5th you will not be eligible for play in the next round of bag tags.

So be ready for fun, and sun, and that little special “you know what” that 24 Cha!ns brings to every game. Happy hunting and