Wickham Tuesday Handicap League   June 9, 2012 at 7:23pm

results w/Handicap for 5/1/12


Another overcast day at Tues. league. Grey skies, cooler temps but no rain.

10 players 8 for $ 2 for HC

PJ Dan and Yeah baby Mark Lyons showed up to quell the tag trollop shouts. Thank you gentlemen for putting up the gold.

Ace pot is still safe and growing.

Ace pot $51
Course fund $51


hole 4 ERoc won JJ donated Steve Rico disc.
hole 17 Buford won Team Crafty donated Large bottle of Brooklyn's finest.

We ended up playing reg. course except for holes 10,11,13 and 14 were replaced by the Alpha-loop. Since we had been running late the previous 2 weeks I decided the park staff needed a break. We did finish on time, last group in by 7:10 and the cars were moving towards the gate by 7:25. Great job crew!!!

The winners

1st JPro 52-5=47 $30
2nd ditterman 56-7=49 $10
------just out of $-----------
Rob Caruso 51 with HC and Lick 52 with HC

1/* jpro 52
4/4 pj dan 55
6/30 ditterman 56
7/74 lick 58
10/78 alto 59
47/* lyons 61
50/85 eroc 61
53/130 mike b 61
54/* rob c 63
55/* buford 66

Thanks for coming out, hope to see more players new week!!!!