DGLA: Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer 2011   August 26, 2011 at 1:14pm

DGLA makes the MDGO State Championship Berth Awards and more....

OK – with only a few hours for the last berth to be registered we have finally awarded all our berths. I’d first like to thanks MDGO (Michigan Disc Golf Organization, , who takes on helping all the clubs and organizations in Michigan with planning of events and working cooperatively to enhance the Michigan Disc Golf scene (experience ;-). They also take on the huge task of organizing the Michigan Disc Golf State Championship held each year in Ludington. Multiple courses and hundreds of players and it grows bigger each year. It’s an amazing event and a great way to celebrate with friends across the state, another great year of Michigan Disc Golf. MDGO made it possible for tournaments and leagues throughout the state to award a limited number of berths and berth packages to this event. The MiCPS secured as many as we could to help recognize as many great players as possible for their involvement and performance in the 2011 Mi Cooperative Point Series. We have to thank Matt Wiles of the Freeland Disc Golf Club and Kurt Maty of Wednesday Night METRO DETROIT DISC GOLF LEAGUE along with Matt Schooley and Chris Gee of Ypsi Dubs for their contribution of 4 additional berths to make our total 9 berths to be awarded to MiCPS players. Thanks for your belief in the MiCPS and endless efforts to improve Mi Disc Golf.

Note If you have a berth you need to register it TODAY (Aug 26th) or it will be lost and up for grabs in the Last Chance Qualifier.....

If you don’t have a berth you can compete on Friday Sept 2nd in the Last Chance Qualifier, for your chance to compete in the Mi State Championship, two day event Sept 3rd and 4th.

Again a Big CONGRATS to Mike Henry (aka White Mike, WM) on his great performance all summer in the MiCPS and his overall win with 940 points. Mike will be at States defending his state title from last year.

Berth Awards

So we went to the leader board and stats and wanted to award the first berth for the most rounds played. The MiCPS has several goals with a very important goal to encourage as much play as possible throughout the state and at different leagues. This helps spread the great ideas from each league and each player to other leagues and players. With more players there is more money and of course more points are up for grabs as well. The Highlighted League of the week also helps with this goal and can add a bit more excitement for the round.

So the 2011 MiCPS summer season was 17 weeks long. It’s great that we have so many leagues in so many courses throughout the state. It makes it easier to try to get a league round in each week and if we are luck we can squeeze a few more in. The MiCPS automatically only counts your two best scores in a given week. This helps balance the difference between those who can only get one or two league rounds in a week and those who are fortunate enough to be able to play more, without completely removing the benefit of playing more rounds. Rules like this helped keep the spread of points narrower with strong competition all the way down to the end.

So with 64 rounds, an average of almost 4 rounds per week, Kurt Maty in 5th place had the most rounds played this season - OUTSTANDING but he already had a berth (No surprise there) so we had to keep looking. Next on the list of most rounds played is Travis Smith in 7th place on the leader board, with 45 rounds. An amazing season and all those rounds paid off with a berth award and continued improvement in performance. All that practice will pay off at States – good luck Travis.

7th Travis Smith with 45 rounds

There were 47 leagues in the 2011 Summer MiCPS and we are excited to see more and more ladies playing the sport and in the MiCPS. These are some amazing players and they are helping to pave the way for others and introducing the sport to more women. Some leagues focused on providing a great environment for just the ladies to hone their skills while having fun in a comfortable environment. We wanted to recognize the achievements and effort of these ladies and these leagues. We are happy to be able to recognize and help ensure two top performers in the 2011 MiCPS have berths and are competing at this year’s state championship.

At 128th and with 19 rounds Lisa Harbor, along with at 135th and 18 rounds Jen Dom where awarded berths. Great season ladies, see you in Ludington

So we still had 6 berths remaining to award. Back to running the leaderboard and checking each player as we head down the list to see who already had earned a berths and who the next eligible players are based on total points. We contacted each player to verify that they had not been awarded a berth recently. Not surprising but many players had already secured their berths at other league events and tournament throughout the state. A few players expressed that they would be unable to attend the state championship this year and would rather see the berth presented to other players who would be able to attend and represent at States. We are sorry they can not attend but appreciate their sacrifice for the benefit of the other players –miCps “C” – Cooperative – THANKS!

So here are the remaining berth winners.

20th Bob Julio 29 rounds

21st Jerry "Chilly" Chilson 39 rounds

30th Jameson Gauthier “2J” 27 rounds

34th Marcos Aguilera 36 rounds

47th Mark Kassabian 30 rounds

52nd Ben Creger 29 rounds

Wow! Every player in the top 52 places had a chance to receive a berth - AWESOME!!!!

Congratulations to all the berth winners and we will see you in Ludington. If you are not local to Ann Arbor please find me (Foz) in Ludington to claim your berth package. It is great to be able to offer these berths to the MDGO Michigan State Championships and know the fun will continue as we all converge in Ludington in just over a week.

Congratulations to everyone who played in the MiCPS 2011 Summer season. Hopefully you had a blast playing with new and old friends, tried a new course and league over the season and improved your skills. Help pass on that fun and fulfillment to others, whether other players you met on the course or friends you encourage to come out and have a blast at leagues. Congratulations you help grow and improve Disc Golf in Michigan and we look forward to much more fun and growth in the coming years.

Best regards from the DGLA staff; Foz, Scott and Pete