2011 Tuesday Twos   August 17, 2011 at 12:36pm

Week 18 and season wrap-up

The 2011 regular season is in the history books! All that's left is what's sure to be a great finals next week. I'd like to thank a few folks that made this season a great one: Next Adventure, Rainy Day Games, Stumptown Disc Golf, The Chick Flick for their sponsorship, CTPS, and bounties throughout the year. Thanks to Jeff Larson and everyone who donated CTPs all year long. Thanks to Steve Ellis, Dave Zimmerman, Matthew Hill, Kent Smothers and everyone else (I know I forgot a few - sorry!) who helped with taking names and scores throughout the year. And finally, thanks to the 175 great players who made it out to Tuesday Twos at least once this year - without you, this season would not have been possible. And now, on to this weeks news.

Congratulations to Albert Ricker and Crist Garcia who shot -15 to take first place this week.

Xander Waibel was rockin' his lucky cowboy hat and used that good luck to ace hole 4 and grab the $82 ace pot. Unfortunately, his hat wasn't quite lucky enough to grab the Next Adventure Random Ace which was hole 6.

The Rainy Day Games Secret Score was -2.

Hole 1: Discmania TD, donated by Rainy Day Games: Tyler Payne
Hole 3: DGA Rogue, donated by Rainy Day Games: John Nava
Hole 5: Glo Stalker, donated by Stumptown Disc Golf: Julie Ediger

That's it! Thanks again to all the great players we've had throughout the year. See you next week!