2011 Tuesday Twos   June 8, 2011 at 11:04am

Week 8

40 players enjoyed another beautiful week at Orchard Park this week.

Congratulations to Crist Garcia and Albert Ricker who shot -16 to take first place this week.

Fireworks were provided by Roy Black who aced hole 3 and hole 5. Roy grabbed the $66 ace pot and grabbed a couple of CTPS. He became the third player this year to get two aces in one night and immediately put himself in the running for the Rainy Day Games triple ace bounty.


Hole 1 - KC Pro Roc donated by Rainy Day Games: Crist Garcia
Hole 3 - Larson Suprise (Frisbee made out of buffalo poo): Roy Black
Hole 5 - T-shirt donated by Stumptown Disc Golf - Roy Black
Hole 7 - T-shirt donated by Rainy Day Games - Steve Gelhar

Secret score:
The Rainy Day Games secret score was -11. Tony Cordova and Greg Shiller won $5.00 off their next disc at Rainy Day Games.

Random Ace:
A close call on the Next Adventure random ace - hole 4. Roy Black was closest by getting hole 3 and 5, but the bounty went unclaimed this week.

We welcomed 7 new players this week and brought our season total to an even 100 unique players. Jeff Aquino was player #100 and won a mini driver donated by Stumptown Disc Golf.

Thanks to everyone for a great week once again at Tuesday Twos.
A big thanks goes to our week 8 sponsors: Stumptown Disc Golf, Rainy Day Games, Next Adventure, and Jeff Larson.