Frosty Brau Doubles   January 21, 2011 at 11:32am

Back at it Sunday

First and foremost, thank you to everyone that helped out with our "situation" last Sunday. I think we have a real brotherhood at Whitehall and it showed with the effort put forward by everyone. Tim Evans deserves a Medal for Heroism (not to be mistaken for heroin-ism) for his expert medical assistance.

I have been pondering how to handle the situation from last Sunday as far as scoring and payouts. I guess I am leaning toward paying out the 3 teams that scored -4 ($20 per team ($60 prize pool)).

The issue was that several teams had to finish cali which was not really fair, and some teams did not even finish. Due to the disparity, I will not be posting those scores toward the overall point series, but we may do a double points deal one of these days to make up for it. Feel free to comment.

We will play original 18 again, there will be a long putt on #9 compliments of Jamie Vincent, Ace pool is $20, and we will be there early for Bloody Mary's if anyone would like to partake. Bring your favorite bloody concoction if you want. See you Sunday.