Drake's Bag Tag Challenge   December 8, 2010 at 10:11pm


1. All tag holders’ need to make an active, account on All tag holders must be on this site. This is how you will find out about monthlies and tournaments, and all the questions about the bag tag challenge.

2. Keep your tag on your bag or with you! It should be with you anytime you play.

3. Anytime you play another tag holder the tags are up for grabs. This includes Single Casual Rounds. Any course, any time. Tags must be present. Casual rounds must be reported to the league administrator.

4. Lowest score wins the lowest tag, 2nd lowest score wins 2nd lowest tag and so on.

5. Ties can be played off if it is a group decision, otherwise the lower tag holder keeps their tag in a tie.

6. During the club and event tournaments, the tags will be collected during sign-ups and then re-distributed at the end of the day.

7. You may challenge any lower tag at anytime. Just make sure you give them time to play you.

8. There will be a $2.00 Ace pool

9. Lost Tags: The number will be dropped from the standings and you can purchase a new one for $10.00.

10. Be nice and have fun!