Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer   April 26, 2010 at 6:25pm

MiCPS Summer Summary: We’re off and fly’n 4/26/2010

The Michigan Cooperative Points Series (MiCPS)
Summer Summary: We’re off and fly’n

A quick message to provide a summary of where we are, why we are doing this, how it all works and what to expect over the MiCPS 2010 summer season.

Well a great spring so far – almost all the summer leagues are off and running. The Michigan Cooperative Points Series (MiCPS) has 25 current leagues participating, with 60 league rounds logged in the Point Series so far, 292 unique “registered” players are in the MiCPS of the total 1600 players if we combine each leagues Active Player numbers. Remember –not all players in the leagues are “registered” in the Point Series – meaning they do not have a profile on Disc Golf Scene (DGS) to enable the automation of accumulating points from each league they play. The profile number is the unique key or reference to identify players in different leagues. If you are reading this in an email from DGS than you have a profile – if a friend sent it to you or you are reading it online you may not. If you’ve played a league round in a participating MiCPS league you should be on the MiCPS Leader Board.

Here is something you can do as a player in your local league: Encourage those regular league players that do not have an account on DGS to sign up to join the fun. More people participating just makes this whole thing more fun and truly gives us 'Strength in Numbers.

So what is the the Michigan Cooperative Points Series (MiCPS) and what is this all about? The purpose of the MiCPS is to increase the fun of leagues and promote Disc Golf. How is MiCPS doing this? By connecting more players to what is going on in Disc Golf league throughout Michigan. By connecting all the players, we all get to see what leagues are playing at what courses, the different formats and what extra stuff is going on that may be of interest to different players. The big key is the connection of players – who played what league, how did they do, who hit an Ace, who is at your current level ands who are you about to pass up in points on your way to becoming the Michigan Disc Golf League Champion for Summer 2010. It also will provide a great excuse to get together with new and old friends in October for a hum-digger of a final event. A little like a Tournament or League and a little like a Players Reunion and a lot of fun to wrap up the summer and talk about the Winter season and what we can do next year to continue to improve Michigan Disc Golf Leagues.

Ok so how does the point thing work? Well when a participating MiCPS league posts the round data all players with DGS profiles is processed automatically into the MiCPS league. For any given week (Sunday – Saturday) your highest two point rounds are accumulated and the others are shown but listed as “dropped”. The best two rounds of the week is to balance out the scoring and encourage the widest player base, those who can play every day and those who are lucky to make it out once a week or less. For the points calculation per round you get two points for participation - successfully finishing a round – no DNF, score card turned in, and one point for every player you score better than. And if there is no tie for first place, then there is an Out Right Winner and they get two extra points. What other points are there - Hit an Ace during the league round and besides the high fives and some big bucks in your pocket and lowering your stroke count, you get 25 MiCPS points (regardless if this round is “Dropped” for that week).

Now to encourage players to visit other leagues and provide point accrual options we have the Highlighted League of the Week (HLW) each week starting Friday, May 7, 2010. If you can make it out to Friday Night Discin at Stony 2010, Stony Creek Metropark you’ll receive “Double points!” The normal points earned for the HLW will be automatically doubled – A literal points bonanza each week someplace in the state. So if you need a “Points Boast” make sure you grab a friend and head out to the HLW. I suspect that there will be a few car pools doing the MI Disc Golf league road trip’n thing all summer – what a great excuse to get out and see all these great courses with players who know the courses, meet some new or old friends and enjoy the summer. You can check the MiCPS Schedule to see which leagues on what dates are the HLW. Save the dates and get the points – check the talk section and the your News section to see who is going and be green and save some gas while having fun with friends.

The Michigan Cooperative Point Series Final Event

Date: Saturday Oct 16th

Location: TBD

Format and details: – you tell us. There are many things we can do and several great locations and courses we could play . Add your ideas on how we should wrap up the summer MiCPS and where – just post on the Talk section of the MiCPS area.

To be eligible to play in the final event you must have played at least one participating MiCPS league round and be listed on the MiCPS leader board.

Make sure you save the date and plan to be there for the crowning of the first ever Michigan Disc Golf League Champion and be a part of this Michigan Disc Golf History.

Congratulation to everyone who has been able to get out and play and especially to the early leaders but these numbers will change quickly – Here are the top 10 as of this posting:

Overall standings
Player Points
1st Kevin Tomasaitis 199
2nd matt schooley 189
3rd g lane 164
4th Jason Kirkaldy 160
5th Dave Milewski 156
6th bob smart 154
7th Smitty the angry lefty 152
8th Daemon Stahlin 150
8th mark ellis 150
10th Jon Steiner 140

If you have questions post them on the Talk section of the MiCPS and we will get answers for everyone to see and of course your ideas and feedback is always welcomed.