Ladies of Climax, MI   March 1, 2010 at 11:27am

It's Almost that TIme!

Thanks to all who made a point to come to the meeting yesterday, thanks for all of the dedication and hard work. It was a huge success as we got a lot of ideas/issues panned out and on paper! For those of you who couldn't come, you missed out on a huge fantastic feast which was put together by Julie and I. The food was great! And a BIG thank you to Julie for opening up her home. For those who weren't there, I am including everything in this email that we decided to try out for this year.

* We will be starting up April 11th. 1pm sharp we will figure out teams. Please try to be on time- I had a few complaints last year, and there were other ladies who wanted to show up but got discouraged because they were worried about timeliness with having to work in the evening. If we make a point to make teams as scheduled I think we will in time have a bigger crowd!

*There was talk about switching days. Sunday seemed to work best for everyone last year, lets see how that goes for this year. I think there will be people who want to play in tournaments this year, I plan on playing in maybe 5 or 6. I don't think this will be too affected! I do think Sunday is the most open day due to there being other leagues in the area.

*Cost/Payout: We will be doing a membership fee. This will be a one time fee of $15. You will receive a players package sometime in the summer- I am shooting for June at the latest! The package will consist of a shirt (you can let me know the size you want when you pay, a gateway disc, and a mini. Thanks to Gateway for the sponsorship! Once you have paid the one time fee of $15, there will be a weekly fee of $3. 100% of this money will go to the club. This money will be used to buy merch and hopefully get discs with a club stamp! I am also trying to have money go towards an overall payout at the end of the year as well as a party. And I am still shooting for Cash sponsorship for Woman's Nationals. If I can't get what we need, then possibly some of this money can go towards that, depending on what it builds up to and how much merch we want to buy for the club. If you chose not to be a member, then the weekly cost will be $4. In order to be eligible for any prizes/payout at the end of the season you must be a member!

* Running a tournament- There is lots of interest in doing this. Lets do it then! However, we need money to make this happen! This is also part of the reason that I am promoting the membership fee. Once we have money to invest into a tournment, the club will hopefully be able to make money from the tournament which will lead to more merch and bigger payouts! I would like to do something in the fall, this gives up time for planning and raising funds. Lets shoot for October/November.

*Ace Pool- this is optional! It is $1 and will carry over each week until it is hit! It is at $53 to start out with! At the end of the year we can do a shoot off for any money left in the pot, or we can carry it over again- we can take a vote at the end of the season!

*I will plan on doing 2 CTP's minimum per week. Anyone who wants to donate goodies to go towards CTP's feel free to do so! The more stuff the better! Also, non disc items would be awesome! Let me know if you have anything in mind that you think may be useful! There is no additional cost for the CTP's- all CTP's are provided from our awesome sponsorships as well as myself.

*Points- we are going to start doing points for everyone. This may be a little bit of a task for me, but I want to try it out and see how it works. It will work something like this: Points will be for each group. Lets say we have 8 ladies, 4 teams, so that would make 2 foursomes. There will be 3 points for a win (per group), 2 for a tie, and one for playing. Each person on the team will get these points. Then, there will be two bonus points for the overall winning team, and one bonus point for the overall second place team. Everyone will have a chance at points this way, and everyone will have a chance at being able to catch up if some gaps are created. We will have to try it out, I have played with the numbers on paper and so far I think it will work. I would like to send the top two (minimum) to Woman's Nationals this year. It will be held in September in North Carolina. I am shooting to pay for your entry fee and provide gas money. Camping accommodations are usually provided at this event. If you car pool then we may have money to send more then two people! I am excluding myself from being eligible for this!

*Singles Round- I like the idea of doing a singles round once a month. I think we will have to play this by ear though. Bree had some great suggestions, and I think I want to give that a go..... I want the league to be a newcomer friendly as possible. If we plan on a scheduled day for the singles round and then a few new people show up, I don't think it would work out ot the advantage, and this may be too intimidating for any newbies. However, lets tentatively plan on it once a month, and when it works out it works out! And, on the days that we do play singles lets do double points! The points will work out the same way as doubles, the only difference is you won't have a partner! I will still do all of the points/stats for non members, but remember you have to be a member by the end of the season to be eligible for goodies, prizes, and the Woman's Nats sponsorship (*assuming I get it!)

*Integration Day- Lets hold off on this. I love this idea, however, the aim and point of the woman's league is to be a newcomer as friendly. I am worried if we do this once a month, that'll be the day that all the newbies decide to come out and that would bring back the intimidation factor we are trying to avoid! Hopefully we can make that happen in the future!

*Woman's Nationals- if you can't tell by now I really want to work hard at promoting this and trying to get some of you new ladies to go to this event! All of my plans for this are tentative. We as a team really need to work hard to promote this league and build it up! If we do that, then we will be able to make this happen! I also have a couple people in mind that I am trying to work with in order to get a cash sponsorship so we won't have to dip into club funds. If we all work hard at club promotion I think it will be really easy to send people down!

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this. I have a TON of fresh fliers... I will go to all the courses this week to post them. If you are interested in a having a stack of em for yourself to stick in your car so you can hand em out just let me know and I will get more made up for you!

If there are any issues/ideas/questions/concerns, feel free to contact me! Email me, or call!