2010 Stumptown Bag Tag League   February 22, 2010 at 11:16am

By the Bottle Wash Slosh - Slosh #3

We had a great showing of tags for the By the Bottle Wash Slosh this past weekend. 17 taggers threw down for 40 holes that no one had ever played before. The course played fairly short, but technically enough with OB rampant to cause some pretty tight competition. At the end of the tournament, Isaac Rains came out on top taking tag #1 from Tony Skrivanek. Congrats to Isaac for some solid play!

Other notables were the 5 new tags that we sold at the event. Big welcome to Nate Clark, David Strom, Brandon LeBlanc, Pablo Ulibarri and Josh Motzkus!

Thanks for everyone who threw down tags, we're on again for March 20th out at Trojan, don't forget your tags NEED TO STAY ON YOUR BAGS!!! If you're not up on the bag tag rules, please go read them so that we're all on the same page!