BOBIS Saturday Doubles   January 23, 2010 at 9:54pm

Record crowds and the Ace Pool was hit!!!

The Ace Pool began at $319 + 60 today and after weeks of many close calls, Bob Turner finally hit on Hole #13.

There were also many ties so we ended up today adding in the miscellaneous $4 to next weeks Ace Pool seeing as how we were going to start back at zero.

Next week, we will be back at Stony on our regularly scheduled course rotation. I must say, when the Ace Pool began to climb the players really came out to hit it. We set many BOBIS Saturday Doubles records along the way culminating with today’s play.

60 players / 30 teams = largest turnout / payout ever

Largest Ace Pool ever = $379

Congratulations to Bob Turner and we'll see you next week at Stony where the Ace Pool starts back over at $4.