Ypsi Dubs Winter League   October 27, 2009 at 1:57pm

Scores posted & TD for a Day & News

Thanks to those who came out this last Sunday.

Our first round of the "Ann Arbor Cooperative Point Series" since we had last week off for the 101 Tournament at Indy.

Fortch (Mike Fortunato) came out and I thought it was solely to play Rolling Hills in the beautiful Fall colors with great friends but I had not checked the Point Series leader board before heading out to see he may have ulterior motives as well....

Ben & Eric it was great to have you guys join in hope to see you again Sunday. What are the odds you would draw each other as partners.

Terry and Shelia Calhoun came out to add to the fun and brought a new Stratus from the Throw Shop for the CTP - Thanks! Great to have you both and thank Sheila for all the great putting and team work - a nice way of saying thanks for caring me ;-)

Mike Raley kept the fun and skill building going after the round with a game of PIG for all who played in the league. This is the second time and I hope it becomes a regular feature. So plan on a couple extra minutes after the round if you can. Mike donated a disc to second and third place of PIG challenge match - Thanks! Mike

Next week we will be playing Longs.

We will go back to the $6 entry and $2 Ace Pool and a CTP for every 12 players.

TD for a day and no pay to play - If you would like to save a few bucks - add your twist to the round - get some experience running a league, then be the Ypsi Dubs TD for a Day. You run the event and several of us will assist you and your entry fee will be paid by Foz. Just let me know what week you want to be TD, let me know any special twists you'd like to implement that week and we will plan it out. I will still post all the scores so no extra effort after the round.

I plan to re-start the pre-round CTP during registration and before league play begins so be there by 9:30 to get your shot at the prize - Last throw is 9:45 so we can draw partners and begin.

Mike extends his lead on the Ypsi Dubs Winter leader board - who can catch him?

Congrats Fortch for taking the lead on the Point Series - one of the benefits to getting out and playing more leagues - I better get out to Glow Wednesday and Indy on Saturday to try and catch up.

Hope to see everyone next Sunday - Peace