- Gwillim -  › By the Bottle - Wash Slosh (Slosh #3)   February 19, 2010 at 7:53pm

It's almost here!!!!

Arlene, of By The Bottle, will be on-site with $3 Brauts and Beers for lunch and beyond! Bring a few extra bucks and support our title sponsor, she's really jazzed to be there for us, let's be there for her!

Steve and I just finished our final walk through of the course and we're pretty excited. There will definitely be some low scores, but I think that most of the holes are fun and challenging enough to make for a really enjoyable round.

Also, THE COURSE WILL BE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC for anyone to play after the last card of the second round is turned in. We would love to have a bunch of spectators for the second round, and feel free to stay afterward to test your skill against the BTB Layout, it may be the only chance you ever get to throw discs out there (but we hope not!)! To show our appreciation to the course owners, we suggest a $5 donation for anyone who would like to play the course after the tourney. It's not mandatory, but we believe it would be a great gesture!

Again, THIS IS GOING TO BE A BLAST!!!! Even if you're not playing, come on down and caddy for someone, drink some beer, have a braut, and play some sweet manicured Disc Golf after the final round!!!!!