Foz Miller  › DGLA: Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Winter 2010/11   January 7, 2011 at 10:33am


Thanks for sharing the feedback from Jason. It is awesome to hear that the initial delivery made it there and they appreciate getting a care package from the Mi Disc Golfers, and know we are thinking about them and appreciate the sacrifices they are making. Although they are not currently throwing those discs on the great courses we get to play any day of the week and often take for granted, it's still great that they get to keep in practice, or learn about the sport and escape for a few minutes from the pressure and constant treats and hard work, with a little Disc'n.

Way to make it a great Disc-mas for then and brighten up their holiday. Holidays during deployment are really different, usually pretty depressing because you don't have all the things that we have become conditioned to that tell us it's the holidays, a special time to spend with friends and family and just a little time to reflect on the past year, hard work, good and bad times and realize that you lived through it and that is worth celebrating and there is no better way than with friends and family, but they don't have any of that. Maybe a crazy decoration or two that really just remind them of all that they are missing back home. And although they may try to celebrate later it is not the same as being part of their normal community or family and all doing it at the same time. That simple box of discs helped a lot to brighten up their holiday and each day they put those discs in their hands and see the names of those who cared enough to give a disc or two and make it possible for these guys so far away, so remote, to realize they are not forgotten and these people cared about them.

We need to get a few pictures of the soldiers with the discs or putting.

Yeah Gabe - Ypsi Dubs will start another collection and will contribute $25 toward another pop-up basket. Based on the other message from them it sounds like putters and pop-up baskets are the best items for them currently.

Way to go Santa Gabe and everyone who helped and contributed to reaching out so far way to make a difference. Disc On!!!!

Michigan Disc Golfers Rock!!!!