Thomas "T" D.  › DISC GOLF OR DIE   November 13, 2012 at 8:56pm

Acceptable and requested items for 541st F.S.T. stationed in Afghanistan...

stamps and envelopes

snacks (we have a microwave)

Books and Magazines, etc etc

those little drink packets that you stir into water like crystal light, az tea, etc etc

wash cloths


white ankle high socks

deodorant, body was or soap bars

oil free lotion

razor blades

Snacks that will not melt

and something that will help them think of what awaits them when they get home......

If the shipment is sent by the 1st of December, they will have the items by Christmas. If you are a disc golfer, you are able to enjoy playing because of the sacrifices that our American Troops are making for us!!! Show your gratitude to this Unit of soldiers who are one of us.