Jeff Bauman  › Motor City Chain Gang   October 19, 2012 at 10:39am

Stone Cold X Coming Up

Nov 11 will be the 10th annual Stone Cold. Its on the MCCG tourney page. (MF'ers stole my ****! LOL)

This year we were thinking of having it at Sunnybrook insted of Stony. Still 18 holes and then a final 9 for everyone. Just itll be $5 more bucks and if we want carts itll be $7.50 more. Eventhough we were in short sleeve shirts last year, it may be nice to go inside, get a bite to eat and a drink or three between rounds and after.

If this intrests you let me know. Format of the torney will still be the same as always.

Pros pay $20 plus at least $15 in merch

Ams pay $15

If its at Sunnybrook, add $5 to walk or add about $7.50 if we use the carts.

Payouts: $15 from every am is added the pro purse and the ams payout will be the merch the pros bring.

Weve averaged over $200 added to the pro purse every year.

Any ideas, thoughts, let me know. Any complaints or ridicule, let Minicuci know!