Markus Mika  › Team Utah Disc Golf   September 6, 2012 at 4:35pm

URGENT UPDATE FOR EVERYBODY INTERESTED IN NEW DG OPPORTUNITIES IN SLC: Not sure what's going on in terms of tournaments on SEPT 22, but there is a public hearing at city hall about park projects for the City of Salt Lake (not County) that may be important to determine the chance of (a) new disc golf course(s) in city limits. See the schedule below, but we as a community should try to make a strong showing at that event (one in the morning and a repeat one in the afternoon). They will talk about a bunch of park projects, but within the agenda is the chance to discuss the future of the Jordan River Park Par-3 ball golf course (the original UT disc golf course site in 1981) that has been losing a lot of money for the city and will be torn down by the end of THIS year. If we show up with a lot of folks and follow the political process, there may be even more course opportunities in the future besides Jordan River Park. Let me know if you have questions:

This public process offers community members an opportunity to provide input on project vision and elements.

Who: Community members
What: Salt Lake City Parks & Public Lands Symposium
Where: Salt Lake City & County Building Floors 2-4
When: Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 9am-11am* & 1pm-3pm*

*Presentations will be repeated in am and pm sessions for your convenience.
Why: To gain knowledge of current and on-going projects and inform the direction of the projects

Project List:

Bike Terrain Parks
Red Butte Creek Mitigation Funds
Community Gardens
Pavilion and Ball Field Reservations
Off Leash Dog Areas
PAR 3 GOLF COURSE (Jordan River Park)
Wasatch Hollow Restoration
Westpointe Park Pavilion
Submarine Monument
Imperial Park Project
600 East Median Project
East Capitol Blvd Overlook
Integrated Pest Management Plan
Ron Heaps Memorial Park
SLC Open Space
SLC Parks
SLC Urban Forestry
SLC Cemetery
PPL Map with trails (BST, 9Line, JRPT)