John Minicuci  › Motor City Chain Gang   June 21, 2011 at 6:14pm

The site is up and working again.

Nick was able to do this while on his honeymoon in the Florida Keys.

The MCCG league stats will get posted when he returns.

The upcoming tourneys:

The 3 Course Challenge on July 4th - Stony Creek, OU, and Firefighters - 18 holes each - 1 day!

The GVM on July 31st - Oakland University (HQ) and Stony Creek

The MCO on August 21 - Addison Oaks

We will have info available soon on the main page for each and I will also start the Forum topics as well hopefully later tonight as I have some family duties I need tending to.

I talked with the AD at OU and he says the grass has been cut. We are hammering out details to alter the course (Pro, AM1 pads) for the GVM so stay tuned...

BTW, thank you all for letting me know about the MCCG website.

Thank you Nick Rem for taking the time from your long distance honeymoon to get this done.

Especially to Mrs. Nick Rem for allowing him to do so ;-)