Jeremiah Simono  › Alaska Disc Golf Association   June 17, 2011 at 12:53pm

Why can't we all just get along?

First off, I will take NO sides in these types of arguments, but, I will elaborate on what has transpired here, in public, on the Scene.

There has been talk of first impressions. Here was my first impression of Peter, it's a quote about the Goon baskets on Dannie Hallins board...

Peter Shiver › May 26 at 9:26am
"yeah, that course sux after about 1 or 2 pm and screwed me on several putts. One guy said to me "learn to putt better on them and you won't have that problem". I just flipped him off and kept walking, he seemed confused by my gesture. He must not be from around here LOL"

Peter, the guy that said that to you could have acted like a total douche, I wasn't there, I don't care. Honestly, I would be confused to man. The irony is... you are the one not from around here. I don't want anyone acting like that (frustrated or not) as a member of ADGA. We have plenty of people around here already giving disc golfers a bad name. I'm not trying to attack you Peter. I'm just letting you know my first impression of you was very poor. You may raise some valid points about John or the association. As a casual member of ADGA, I don't get to contribute as much as I would like (kids, family, house, career, just like many others I'm sure), so I don't know a lot about the drama that goes down, which IMHO is a good thing. I just really like to see discs flying through the air, and I enjoy the competition between people with one common goal, the basket.

My first impression of John was that this dude loves the sport... he spends a ton of his time devoted to playing, supporting, and literally building disc golf here in AK. I have no idea what goes on behind the scenes or between person to person. I saw some weird drama last year with ADGA leadership. Whatever. I can't even remember the public details, and I don't care to read back. Nobody is EVER going to be able to make everyone happy. You just hope that they do their best, or at least try to, and along the way try to resolve issues in a noble manner with everyones needs/opinions in mind. That can be no easy task for even the best of leaders.

I'm really not interested in bouncing comments back and forth here. Again, I'm not supporting anyone (although it may appear I'm leaning toward John, I lean in no direction) I just wanted to offer my own personal impression of what I see and read here. I tried to keep it factual... "this is what I see" vs "this is what I think/feel".

I would like to thank Peter for taking the first step in improving disc golf here in AK (really, I'm serious and not at all sarcastic). I hope your club can produce some baskets for Westchester. If you love this sport, than I see no problem in stirring the pot if something bothers you. Just as long as you honestly have the goal of improving things for everyone. And of course, as long as you do it in a respectable and personable way.

I would like to thank John, Thad, and everyone that contributed to Hilltop. The course is wicked. I only regret I wasn't able to help. It's truly something to be proud of.